Fund Raising

Camp McLean is a unique recreation area available for rent by youth groups. Keeping its infrastructure up-to-date, safe, accessible and environmentally responsible is critical to the preservation of this community resource.

On average each camper night is subsidized xxx multiply that by xxx in xxx and Camp McLean subsidized all the youth organizations using the facilities a total of xxx in xxx. That’s a subsidy to not only Scout and Guide groups, but schools, cadets, churches, parks and recreation programs, youth at risk, kids with illnesses and disabilities, to name but a few of those who use Camp McLean. Just to cover the day to day operating costs, not including infrastructure improvements and upgrades, rental rates would have to be doubled or tripled were it not for the commitment to the financial accessibility of the camp.

So you ask “How can Camp McLean afford to subsidize rental rates like they do?” The reality is it can’t, not without the financial help of the community and our supporters.